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Cloud Security
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Complete Threat Prevention Security for Enterprise Clouds

Cloud adoption continues to skyrocket, yet so are attacks targeting cloud services. What's more, traditional security approaches don't fit with the dynamic nature of the cloud, leaving businesses exposed to a whole host of new threats. Check Point© CloudGuard™, powered by the Infinity Architecture, is a comprehensive suite of products that deliver proactive protections for cloud data, workloads, networks and applications.

The comprehensive portfolio seamlessly integrates with the largest number of cloud infrastructures and applications to instantly and easily keep all your cloud services protected against even the most sophisticated Gen V (5th generation) cyberattacks. CloudGuard supports a single-click and agile deployment model aligned with the dynamic nature of cloud services, making expanding your cloud services a breeze.



Unmatched Threat Prevention Security

Unmatched Threat Prevention Security

Leveraging the Check Point Infinity Architecture, CloudGuard delivers shared intelligence and advanced threat prevention security to protect all customer cloud services against the latest generation of sophisticated cyberattacks

Comprehensive Cloud Security Portfolio

Comprehensive Cloud Security Portfolio

CloudGuard supports the broadest range of cloud infrastructures and applications giving customers the freedom to adopt a cloud strategy aligned to their exact needs without sacrificing security

Security as Dynamic as Your Cloud

Security as Dynamic as Your Cloud

CloudGuard supports context sharing for dynamic policy updates as well as auto-provisioning, auto-scaling and one-click deployments to keep security aligned to the dynamic and agile nature of cloud-based services


Migrating your Datacenter to AWS with Automated Security

Watch this on-demand CloudGuard IaaS webinar to learn:

  • How to build unified, adaptive and automated security across multiple cloud deployments
  • Real-world customer use case and deployment examples
  • Live demo of Check Point CloudGuard IaaS for AWS


CloudGuard Cloud Native Security

Check Point CloudGuard provides unified cloud native security for all your assets and workloads, giving you the confidence to automate security, prevent threats, and manage posture - everywhere - across your multi-cloud environment.

Check Point CloudGuard Cloud Native Security


Cloud Workload Protection

Check Point CloudGuard provides seamless vulnerability assessment, and delivers full protection of modern cloud workloads, including serverless functions and containers - automating security with minimal overhead.


Cloud Intelligence & Threat Hunting

Advanced security intelligence, including cloud intrusion detection, network traffic visualization, and cloud security monitoring and analytics.

Check Point CloudGuard Dome9

Cloud Security Posture Management

CloudGuard delivers visibility, continuous compliance, active protection and threat detection in the public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP).

CloudGuard Public IaaS Security

Public Cloud Network Security

Check Point CloudGuard enables reliable connectivity to public cloud assets while protecting applications and data with advanced threat prevention across public and hybrid cloud environments.

CloudGuard Private IaaS Security

Private Cloud Network Security

Check Point CloudGuard seamlessly delivers advanced threat protections to prevent the spread of threats along with visibility and control to both physical and virtual environments.

CloudGuard SaaS

SaaS & Cloud Email Security

Check Point CloudGuard brings proactive protection from known threats, unknown malware and zero-day attacks to SaaS users.

Check Point CloudGuard Connect

Branch Cloud Security

CloudGuard Connect protects branch offices with threat prevention as a cloud security service, with real-time ThreatCloud intelligence, and saves up to 40% in OpEx.

Check Point CloudGuard Edge

Branch Virtual Security Gateway

CloudGuard Edge is light-weight virtual machine (VM) that can run on an SD-WAN device or a uCPE server for customers that need on-premise security.

Check Point CloudGuard Log.ic

Public Cloud Security Analytics

CloudGuard Log.ic enriches your cloud logs with context, transforming them into actionable security logic