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Check Point Security Management Appliances
(Quantum Smart-1)

Check Point Security Gateway Appliances

Check Point’s SMART-1 appliances consolidate security policy, log and event management into a single dedicated management appliance. SMART-1 appliances scale to fit your needs today, with the ability to adapt to future requirements. Organizations of all sizes can leverage SMART-1 to manage from 5 to 5000 gateways within their network, and accelerate time to deployment for their security infrastructures.

Further improve security and control by utilizing SMART-1 appliances with Multi-Domain Management (MDM), segmenting the network into as many as 200 independent domains by geography and business use.

SMART-1 appliances efficiently manage and analyze security logs and events in real-time. By implementing SMART-1, organizations gain centralized visibility into millions of logs, get visual indication of risks and can quickly investigate potential threats.

Check Point Smart-1 Appliance Lineup:

Check Point Smart-1-405 Appliance

  • 5 Managed Gateways
  • 40,000 Peak Logo Sec
  • 6,000/400 Peak Indexed Logs/Sec
  • 88/0.36 GB Logs per day

Check Point Smart-1-410 Appliance

  • 10 Managed Gateways
  • 4,500 Peak Logo Sec
  • 10,000/600 Peak Indexed Logs/Sec
  • 147/0.55 GB Logs per day

Check Point Smart-1-625 Appliance

  • 25 Managed Gateways
  • 60,000 Peak Logo Sec
  • 19,000/2,400 Peak Indexed Logs/Sec
  • 293/2.25 GB Logs per day

Check Point Smart-1-5050 Appliance

  • 50 Managed Gateways
  • 80,000 Peak Logo Sec
  • 27,000/7,500 Peak Indexed Logs/Sec
  • 440/6.8 GB Logs per day

Check Point Smart-1-5150 Appliance

  • 150+ Managed Gateways
  • 100,000 Peak Logo Sec
  • 40,000/12,000 Peak Indexed Logs/Sec
  • 645/11 GB Logs per day