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Check Point CloudGuard Connect
Branch Cloud Security: Securely Connect your Branch to the Cloud

Check Point CloudGuard Connect

Check Point CloudGuard Connect

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  • Latest and always up-to-date security
  • Elastic and scalable
  • Under 50 milliseconds latency with global presence
  • Redundant links ensure 99.999% uptime
  • APIs automate on-boarding new sites
  • GRE or IPsec tunnels ensure privacy



Connecting branches directly to the cloud significantly increases security risks. Branches need branch cloud security to protect themselves against sophisticated Gen V cyber attacks.

Check Point CloudGuard Connect transforms branch cloud security by delivering enterprise grade security to branches as a cloud service, with top-rated threat prevention, quick and easy deployment, and unified management saving up to 40% in OpEx.

As enterprises increasingly move their on-premises branch office workloads and applications to SaaS applications, they are adopting Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) to intelligently route traffic directly to cloud services using local broadband and to the datacenter using existing MPLS lines.

However, connecting branch offices directly to cloud services using a local Internet breakout significantly increases their security risk, as the branches are no longer protected by centralized data center security. This exposes branch offices and the enterprise WAN to sophisticated multi-vector Gen V attacks. A new approach to branch office security that is agile, cost-effective, easy to maintain and always up to date with the latest security is needed.

It’s time to rethink how security is delivered to remote branch offices.

Product Benefits

  • Latest and always up-to-date security
  • Elastic and scalable
  • Under 50 milliseconds latency with global presence
  • Redundant links ensure 99.999% uptime
  • APIs automate on-boarding new sites
  • GRE or IPsec tunnels ensure privacy

Cloud Network Security as a Service

Transforms Branch Cloud Security with Top-Rated Threat Prevention, Easy Deployment, and a Unified Threat Management platform to reduce operational expenses up to 40%.



Top-rated threat prevention with 100% cyber attack catch rate



Five-minutes to protect your branch security in the Cloud or on-premise



Unified security architecture reduces OpEx costs up to 40% and CapEx by 20%

Always Up to Date Branch Cloud Security for Branch Offices

Always Up to Date Branch Cloud Security for Branch Offices

  • Prevent Zero-Day threats with Sandboxing
  • Enforce safe Internet use with Application Control and URL Filtering
  • Prevent bot access to Command and Control servers
  • Inspect encrypted HTTPS channels to prevent threats
  • Set policy for thousands of sites and monitor for threats in a single console

Advanced Threat Prevention For Branch Offices

  • Continuously up to date with the latest Threat Prevention
  • Top-rated Threat Prevention
  • Protects from the latest Zero-Day and Gen V cyber attacks
  • Leverages real-time Threat Intelligence
  • Connected threat ecosystem prevents threats attacking networks, mobile users and cloud applications
Advanced Threat Prevention For Branch Offices
Elastic and Scalable Cloud-Native Architecture

Elastic and Scalable Cloud-Native Architecture

  • Ensure privacy with GRE or IPsec tunnels
  • Ensure connectivity with secure redundant communication links
  • APIs automate on-boarding new branch locations
  • Cloud-hosted, so there is no hardware to maintain
  • Completely transparent software and security updates

Unified with On-Premise R80 Data Center Management

  • Out of the box security profile and easy to use web based management
  • R80 integration enables central management of security policy across all locations
  • Unified view of threat landscape and security policy from one single console
  • Real-time updates on the latest Zero-Day and Gen V cyber attacks through ThreatCloud
  • Unified with Check Point Infinity reducing operational expenses up to 40%
Unified with On-Premise R80 Data Center Management


Cloud-Delivered Threat Prevention

Check Point SandBlast Agent extends the proven protections of SandBlast Zero-Day Protection to endpoint devices and web browsers. Threat Extraction reconstructs downloaded files in seconds, eliminating potential threats and promptly delivering a safe version to users. At the same time, Threat Emulation discovers malicious behavior and prevents infection from new malware and targeted attacks by quickly inspecting files in a virtual sandbox.

Prevent Zero-Day Threats

Malware is detected during the exploit phase, even before hackers can apply evasion techniques attempting to bypass the sandbox. This innovative solution combines cloud-hosted CPU-level inspection and OS-level sandboxing to prevent infection from the most dangerous exploits, and zero-day and targeted attacks.

The Check Point solution also includes Application Control and URL Filtering to enforce safe web use. IPS, Anti-Bot and Antivirus protect customers from known threats. HTTPS inspection safeguards companies from threats trying to hide inside encrypted HTTPS channels.

Furthermore, Check Point is a fully consolidated and connected cyber security architecture protecting on premises, cloud and branch networks as well as endpoint and mobile devices from advanced persistent threats. Threats identified on one device can be automatically propagated as an IoC (Indicator of Compromise) to protect branch, mobile and cloud-hosted assets from the same zero-day threat.

Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Connectors: entry points for all IPsec or GRE tunnels into the cloud infrastructure, Cloud Connectors are grouped in clusters across different datacenters offering redundancy and elasticity. Connecting to a near-by location ensures low latency.
Cloud Gateways: cloud delivered security enables separate policies for each subscribed tenant where capacity automatically expands as demand increases. Hardware or software updates are completely transparent, providing maintenance-free security.
Web Portal: adding sites, setting site-wide security policy and viewing logs and reports is easy with the web portal. The Infinity cloud portal is also integrated with SaaS, a CASB solution protecting SaaS and other cloud-hosted assets.

Simple and Intuitive Web Management

Simplified central management provides an intuitive, simple on-boarding process, security policy configuration and monitoring. Powered by Check Point SmartEvent see the most important threats with a single view across the entire infrastructure. Take control of security events with real-time forensic and event investigation, compliance and reporting. Respond to security incidents immediately, reducing the time spent remediating incidents. Optimize WAN


CloudGuard Connect has been fully tested and integrates with leading SD-WAN vendors. The solution enables flexible, automated service chaining from SD-WAN platforms to CloudGuard Connect to optimize traffic to the Internet and cloud applications. The initial configuration of automated service chaining can be centrally managed. Application security policies are defined once and programmed to all sites in contrast to the branch firewall security model requiring device-by-device management. Centralized management not only reduces the time to deploy and IT resource costs but also provides more consistent policies, reducing risk across the enterprise.


Cloud Services
Branch-to-Site connection IPsec IKEv1, IPsec IKEv2 or GRE tunnels
Redundant availability zones Yes
Availability regions US South-East, US North-East, US South-West, US North-West, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Australia, India, Brazil, Bahrain and South Africa
Multiple branch IP Yes
Dynamic branch IP Yes
Security Outbound network firewall, Application Control, URL Filtering, IPS, Anti-Bot, Antivirus, and SandBlast Threat Emulation (sandboxing)
Latency Up to 50 milliseconds1
Single IPsec tunnel Up to 870 Mbps per tunnel
Cloud-host web-based management Yes
On-premises R80 Security Management Yes
Branch Edge Device
SD-WAN with automation Citrix, Silver Peak, VMware
Other Generic

1 the expected additional latency for a branch in the same CloudGuard Connect region


Protect your Branch Office Cloud Connections from Cyber Attacks

Learn how to protect your branch office internet connections with top-rated threat prevention, branch cloud security, OpEx savings up to 40%, and flexibility to deploy security in minutes in the cloud or on-premise.


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