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Network Security
Advanced Network Threat Prevention

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Advanced Network Threat Prevention

Zero-day protection offering network security with evasion-resistant malware detection and complete protection from the most advanced attacks, ensuring quick delivery of safe content to users.


Evasion-Resistant Sandbox

Evasion-Resistant Sandbox

Threat Emulation and CPU-level inspection deliver the best possible catch rate for unknown malware

Eliminates Threats

Eliminates Threats

Threat Extraction eliminates potential threats and promptly delivers a safe file version to users

Practical Prevention

Practical Prevention

Continuous business flow without the risks


How SandBlast Network Works

SandBlast Network detects and blocks previously undiscovered malware:

  • OS & CPU-Level Threat Prevention
  • Pre-infection threat elimination
  • Evasion resistant detection
  • File inspection and reconstruction


SandBlast Network Features

CPU-Level Evasion Resistance

Identifies exploitation attempts, before evasion is possible

Artificial Intelligence

Full-context payload analysis using advanced machine learning algorithms

Threat Extraction

Reconstructs downloaded files, delivering sanitized risk-free files to users in real-time

Sandbox Forensics Report

Provides extensive detail on malware behaviors and indicators

Complete Archive Scanning

Emulates all archive components, scans encrypted archives


SandBlast Customer Webcast Featuring SE2

In this webcast, Saul Schwartz, Enterprise Security Engineer, SE2 shares:

  • Top security concerns for him and his organization, including protection from unknown malware
  • How SE2 implemented Check Point SandBlast solutions to protect their environment
  • Key results and benefits seen by the SE2 security team after using SandBlast


When It Comes to Prevention: Think Check Point

When It Comes to Prevention: Think Check Point

Check Point achieved the highest security effectiveness score and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) In NSS's labs first ever Breach Prevention System (BPS) test. Highlights of Check Point's results:

  • Test conducted using a single consolidated 15600 gateway
  • 100% breach prevention system block rate
  • 100% protection against off-line infections
  • 0.0% false positives
  • 99.2% evasions