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Checkpoint vSEC for Cisco ACI
Enables the rapid and secure deployment of applications in next-generation data centers

Checkpoint vSEC for VMware NSX

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Check Point vSEC for Cisco ACI enables the rapid and secure deployment of applications in next-generation data centers. Combining the most comprehensive threat prevention security with complete visibility and control across both physical and virtual environments, Check Point vSEC lowers the costs and complexities of securing private clouds.

Advanced threat prevention security for private clouds

Enables the secure delivery of applications at a fraction of the cost and time

Improved operational efficiencies


Comprehensive Threat Prevention

vSEC for Cisco ACI provides industry-leading, advanced threat prevention security to keep data centers protected from lateral movement of even the most sophisticated threats. Fully integrated multi-layer security protections include:

Automated Security Provisioning

Cisco ACI provides the framework to allow automated, policy-based service insertion from a single-pane-of-glass management platform. The Check Point integration with Cisco ACI automates and simplifies the insertion of vSEC gateways into the ACI fabric to protect east-west traffic from lateral movement of threats.

Automated and Dynamic Security Policy

The integration with Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) shares infrastructure context with the Check Point vSEC Controller, allowing Cisco ACI objects such as end point groups (EPGs) to be imported and utilized within Check Point security policies. This reduces the time it takes to create and update security policies from minutes to seconds. What’s more, any changes or new additions to Cisco ACI objects are automatically reflected without the need for manual administrator intervention.

Features Details
Supported Cisco Solution APIC Version 1.2
Supported Check Point Releases Check Point vSEC R77.30
Check Point Gateway R77.30
Check Point Smart Management R80

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