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Check Point 1180 Appliance
Big security for small branches

Check Point 1100 Appliance

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The Check Point 1180 appliance is an all-inclusive, centrally managed, security appliance for branch offices and remote sites. Built on the Software Blades Architecture, the 1180 Appliance offers the same enterprise-class Check Point security that is used by all of the Fortune 100; on a compact desktop form factor.

Key Features

  • Desktop form factor
  • 10x1GbE Ports
  • Wireless (optional)
  • ADSL (optional)


  • SecurityPower: 37
  • Firewall Throughput: 1.5 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput: 720 Mbps (Default)/ 100 Mbps (Recommended)

Your Challenge

In the age of global business and increasingly more distributed workforce, remote and branch staff demand access to corporate resources in order to work effectively and efficiently. However, even a small data breach can expose growing companies to crippling lawsuits, penalties and loss of reputation. As hacking techniques and malware evolve, the threat of data loss compels companies to further restrict access to sensitive data. With limited IT budgets and resources, branch offices need an inexpensive, yet effective solution to provide secure access to critical resources from anywhere, while minimizing the risk of a data breach.

Our Solution

The Check Point 1100 Appliances are a simple, affordable and easy to deploy all-in-one solutions for delivering industry leading security to protect the weakest link in your enterprise network-the remote branch offices. Protect against cyber threats with Check Point Threat Prevention Software Blades. The Check Point 1100 Appliance is an all-in-one, centrally managed, security appliance for branch offices and remote sites. Built on the Software Blades Architecture, the 1100 Appliance offers the same enterprise-class security used by all Fortune 100 companies-in a compact desktop form factor.

The 1100 Appliances, available in 3 models to match the number of users protected, are ideal for small offices with from one to fifty employees. A wide variety of network interface options are available including 1GbE Ethernet ports, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, ADSL and 3G wireless connections. These compact desktop appliances deliver outstanding performance of 1.5 Gbps firewall and 220 Mbps of VPN throughput. For local management and support in a small office environment, an easy and intuitive web-based local management interface is available. Enterprises who want to manage security from a central office can leverage Check Point Security Management or Multi-Domain Security Management to remotely manage and apply a consistent security policy to hundreds of devices across the field offices.


  • Software Blade architecture in a small form-factor
  • New hardware optimized to address branch office network needs
  • Flexible management options


  • Multi-layered protection against today's sophisticated cyber-threats
  • Multiple network interfaces with optional wireless connectivity and ADSL connectivity to support any network deployment
  • Multiple management options to address any organization's needs
    - Simplified web-based Local Management
    - Centralized with Check Point Security Management

Key Features:

Enterprise Security in a Small Form-factor

Best-in-class Integrated Firewall and IPS 1100 Appliances include the industry's most proven firewall technology, based on the same Check Point technology that secures the Fortune 100. Together with Check Point's proven IPS (rated "Recommend" by NSS); the 1100 Appliance ensures protection of remote sites from both known and unknown threats. Next Generation Firewall Capabilities Check Point's Application Control and URL Filtering Software Blades unify web site access control with application control for improved security and lower cost. Identify, allow, block or limit the use of thousands of applications, including Web 2.0 and social networking, regardless of port, protocol or evasive technique used to traverse the network. Combined with the Identity Awareness Software Blade, administrators can create granular policies to strike a balance between user application usage and security, productivity and resource utilization.

Secure Connectivity Ensure secure communications between site-to-site and remote users with IPsec and SSL VPN. Offering multiple connectivity methods (including Check Point's VPN clients, SSL and mobile clients), The 1100 Appliances ensures secure connectivity wherever you go.

VPN Configuration for 1100 Appliance
VPN Configuration for 1100 Appliance

Anti-Malware Dynamic Protection The 1100 Appliance's enhanced Antivirus Software Blade uses real-time virus signatures and anomaly-based protections from ThreatCloud™, the first collaborative network to fight cybercrime, to detect and block malware at the gateway before users are affected.

Anti-Spam and Messaging Security Check Point's Anti-Spam and Email Security Software Blade provides a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to protect the email infrastructure-providing highly accurate anti-spam protection and defending organizations from a wide variety of virus and malware threats delivered within email.

Best-in-class Management

Local Management A simple Web-based management interface allows administrators to secure a small business in minutes. The setup wizard enables a pre-set security policy. Customize the device configuration and security policy with the web-based management interface. Monitor the device and security with easy-to-understand logs and reports.

Easy and Intuitive Local Management
Easy and Intuitive Local Management

Central Management Administrators can define security policy for the entire network-including internal security, main sites, and remote sites-from a single, centrally located Check Point Security Management server.

With SmartProvisioning™, a profile-based management approach designed for large-scale deployments, administrators can define a single security and device profile and apply it simultaneously to thousands of 1100 Appliances-dramatically reducing deployment time and administrative overhead.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Define Security Profile in SmartDashboard
  2. Associate 1100 Appliances with the Profile
  3. Appliances are Automatically updated

Best-in-class Management
Easy and Intuitive Local Management

New Optimized Hardware

Ideal for Remote Office Networks 1100 Appliances are full-fledged network routers that include a LAN Switch and a dedicated DMZ and WAN port. The optional integrated ADSL modem eliminates the need for a separate external ADSL modem.

1100 Appliances also include a USB and PCI Express card slot that allows administrators to plug in a compatible third party 3G modem, providing an additional WAN connectivity or a redundant Internet link for maximum reliability.

Secure Wireless Connectivity The 1100 Wireless Appliances include a WIFI access point (802.11b/g/n) that supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 authentication.

Embedded GAiA-The Unified Security OS Check Point GAiA™ is the next generation Secure Operating System for all Check Point appliances, open servers and virtualized gateways. GAiA combines the best features from IPSO and SecurePlatform into a single unified OS providing greater efficiency and robust performance. GAiA secures IPv4 and IPv6 networks supporting complex network environments by supporting dynamic routing protocols like RIP, OSPF, BGP, PIM (sparse and dense mode) and IGMP.

Product Comparison:

1180 Product Comparison
1180 NGTP Wireless Security Appliance Series 1180 NGTP Security Appliance Series
Security Power 37 37
Security Blades
Advanced Networking & Clustering Software Blade
Identity Awareness
Mobile Access
Application Control
URL Filtering
Antivirus and Anti Malware
Anti Spam and Email Security
SecurityPower 37 37
Firewall Throughput 1.5 Gbps 1.5 Gbps
IPS Throughput 720 Mbps (Default)/ 100 Mbps (Recommended) 720 Mbps (Default)/ 100 Mbps (Recommended)
Network Location Branch / Internet Edge, Small Office Branch / Internet Edge, Small Office
Appliance/Software Appliance Appliance
Software Edition R75 R75
Firewall Throughput 1.5 Gbps 1.5 Gbps
VPN Throughput 220 220
IPS Throughput 720 720
Concurrent Sessions 200000 200000
VLANs 1024 1024
10/100/1000 Ports 10 10
Storage Flash Flash
Enclosure Desktop Desktop

Technical Specifications:

Check Point 1100 Specs

  1120 1140 1180
Production Performance
SecurityPower 28 34 37
Firewall Throughput (Mbps) Up to 3501
Firewall and IPS Throughput (Mbps) Up to 301
RFC 3511, 2544, 2647, 1242 Performance Tests (LAB)
Recommended Users Up to 10 Up to 25 Up to 50
Firewall, 1518 byte UDP (Mbps) 750 1,000 1,500
VPN, AES-128 (Mbps) 140 175 220
IPsec VPN Tunnels 980 980 980
IPS (Mbps) 50 67 100
Antivirus (Mbps) 50 67 100
Connections per Second, 64 byte HTTP response 5,000 5,000 5,000
Concurrent Connections, 64 byte HTTP response 200,000 200,000 200,000
1GbE LAN Interface 8 8 8
1GbE WAN Interface 1 1 1
1GbE DMZ Interface 1 1 1
ADSL Model Optional Optional Optional
802.11b/g/n Wireless Optional Optional Optional
3G Modem Support Yes Yes Yes
Additional Features
USB Ports 2 2 2
PCI Express Slot 1 1 1
SD Memory Card Slot 1 1 1
Enclosure Desktop Desktop Desktop
Dimensions WxDxH (Standard) 22 x 4.4 x 15.24 cm
Dimensions WxDxH (Metric) 8.75 x 1.75 x 6 in
Weight 1.2 kg (2.65 lbs)
AC Input 110 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Power Supply Rating 12/2A DC 24W (Wired Models)
12/2.5A DC 24W (ADSL & Wireless Models)
Power Consumption (Max) 16.68 W
Thermal Input (Max) 56.9 BTU
Safety UL/c-UL 60950-1_2nd_2007(US+CA)
IEC 60950-1_2nd_2005-CB
Emissions EMC: EN55022+24_2007-ITE
1Sizing recommendation based on number of users
Software Blade NGFW NGTP
Identity Awareness
Advanced Networking & Clustering
Mobile Access1
Application Control *
URL Filtering *
Antivirus  *
Anti-Spam & Email Security *
Anti-Bot *
NGFW  = Next Generation Firewall;  NGTP = Next Generation Threat Prevention
- Included
* - Optional
1 SSL VPN Portal is not supported


Download the Check Point 1100 Appliance Datasheet (PDF).

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Download the Check Point Appliance Comparison Chart (PDF).

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Download the Check Point New Appliances Brochure (PDF).

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Pricing Notes:

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